ERAS: Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

The ERAS app is a novel point-of-care resource for healthcare workers involved in the post operative management of major surgical patients.

Enhanced recovery pathways are a series of evidence based clinical measures instituted across the patient’s surgical timeline from pre-assessment through to their final discharge. The introduction and adherence to these measures has demonstrated a clear reduction in the length of patient hospital stay without increasing readmission rates. Care after surgery is an essential part of the enhanced recovery program.

A series of validated pathways have been formulated for a variety of major surgical procedures from the evidence base describing clear day by day instructions for enhanced recovery after surgery. The ERAS app provides a platform upon which to showcase these pathways in an easy-to-use, fast and portable format enabling greater accessibility and adherence to ERAS, encouraging faster recovery and minimising patient’s hospital stays.


It is essential that in each case, formal regular clinical evaluations of the patient are undertaken by registered healthcare professionals to determine whether or not the ERAS protocol should be adhered to. Any clinical decision taken in regards to patient management must be made in reference to the clinical picture at the time. “ERAS app” cannot be held accountable for a detrimental clinical decision taken on a patient as a result of reference to the pathways presented in the application.

Application Authors:


Core Surgical Trainee, Hepatobiliary Surgery, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth
Honorary Clinical Fellow, Trauma Surgery, Royal London Hospital, London

Mr James Clark MBBS BSc (Hons) MRCS PhD DIC

Specialist Registrar, Hepatobiliary Surgery, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth
Honorary Academic Lecturer, Imperial College London, London

Lead Pathway Authors:

HPB   Mr Somiah Aroori (Consultant HPB & Transplant Surgeon)

OG     Mr Grant Sanders (Consultant UGI Surgeon)


Mr Vasilios Mavroides


HPB Surgery Group
Plymouth Hospital NHS Trust